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Abdur Rashid Kobita


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Bangladesh newspapers, just like all the newspapers across the globe, have seen their readerships decrease in recent years. More people have opted to read the news from online news websites and on TV. The good news is that most Bangla Newspapers are already found online, and people can read the latest news from the country even if you are away from the country.

Before we look at the benefits of their online version, let'dons look at the old reliable newspapers. Bangladesh newspapers provide the latest news about the country. Subscribing or buying newspapers allows the reader to file the newspapers. Newspapers are delivered daily even in the remote places where there are no internet connections. They are convenient because one can take it anywhere they want to go. You can read it in the bedroom, patio, garden or while drinking coffee during breakfast. Newspapers are recyclable. They can be used to wrap items or take them to the recycling center. You don't need to turn on your computer, tablet, Smartphone or any device to read them. The disadvantage is that they are not free. To read the latest Bangladesh news, you need to pay for the subscription. They can also take up space and clutter the home.

Online Bangla newspapers are available 24/7. You can read them on demand. No matter what time of the day, you can access them in the website. Reading the latest Bangla news from online sites is free. You don't need to spend money to buy or subscribe. Since they are just found online, there's no clutter in your home. Plus, old issues are also found online. You can browse through the archives to find out the news item you are looking for. The disadvantage of reading online Bangladesh newspapers is that you need an internet connection in order to access the website. You are also using electricity. These two add to the expenses, but they are minimal as you use a computer and internet for other things as well and not just to read the news.

A lot of people are saying that newspapers are a dying medium. They cost money to make and printed once per day. They can't deliver breaking news and people today are more interested in the latest stories. That's why established Bangla newspapers have turned to the Internet to stay relevant at present. Online advertising have helped them stay profitable, but it is still unclear if it would be enough.

Bangladesh news portals are available online. Users can find links to various Bangladesh newspapers in a single website. It makes it easier to learn about the latest developments from the country even if you are far away from home.